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Master Your First Touch

Designed by a coach: The first stationary soccer
training aid designed just for you!

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Improve your skills, foot work and master your first touch.




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Improve your Game with the Soccer Machine Training Aid

The Soccer Machine Training Aid

The Soccer Machine Training Aid by OHLEsport is designed for improving your soccer skills by allowing you to train with a stationary ball and master your 'first touch' by incorporating repetition on the soccer ball. When you train on the Soccer Machine Training Aid, you will see immediate results in your ball control on the field. You will no longer be dependent on merely using your 'strong foot only'. The confidence you gain by training on the Soccer Machine Training Aid, will allow you to perform better in the game of soccer. Feel assured knowing that you have the skills to beat your opponents.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen Muscles while Training and Conditioning
  • Master Soccer Fundamentals
  • Improve Balance, Concentration, Ball Control
  • Improve Technique and Skills
  • Be comfortable using both feet
  • Repetition, Eye-Foot Control
  • Increase Stamina
  • Get more touches on the ball in 15 minutes, than in 1 hour of practice
  • Use Year Around - Indoor and Outdoors


testimonial-emilio-romero"The Soccer Machine Training Aid by OHLEsport is a wonderful tool to help players of all ages learn balance, ball control, foot speed and use of both the left and right foot. With the soccer machine, players can get constant touches on the ball and learn how to control the ball with both feet. Foot speed will increase with the pace of the ball as well as body position and balance with every touch. I have played and coached at every level and I give my full support and I believe that with the soccer machine your game will improve immensely."
Emilio Romero
Professional Coach for 9 years, Professional Player for 8 years, U.S. Men's National Team Player